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Above the Clouds


Ongoing Projects

  • Improvement and enhancement of integration platform for multi-dimensional air quality observation big-data

      (PI, National Research Foundation of Korea)

  • 5단계(‘18~’22) 동북아 장거리이동 대기오염물질 국가 간 상호영향 공동 연구(Ⅲ)-PM2.5, O3 등 2차 생성 물질 연구 중심으로-

      (PI, Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute)

  • Information-base for monitoring and modeling

      (Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute)​

  • 2nd (2020-2022) Korea-China Joint Research on Ambient Air Quality (Ⅰ)

      (National Institute of Environment Research)​

Completed Projects

  • Global Environment Satellite research Center (GESC) Ⅱ

      (Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute, 2020)

  • Development of Integration System of Multi-dimensional Air Quality Observation Data in East Asia

      (PI, National Research Foundation of Korea, 2020)

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